Things to Consider

For most people, a kitchen renovation is something they’ve never done before, and because of this are unsure where to begin, what questions to ask, etc. When shopping at the big box stores, the cabinetry is built to standard sizing, and no custom options are available for the customer to choose from, which greatly limits what you can put in your kitchen, and it may mean you won’t get exactly what you want. At Handcrafted Wood Furniture & Kitchens however, all of our kitchen cabinetry is produced locally, with Canadian labour and lumber, and is fully custom. The following sections are intended as a guideline for the consumer to see exactly which features and custom options are available to them, and also to understand some terminology that may be used so that everyone can be on the same page. Also, don’t forget to checkout our kitchen checklist to make sure that you didn’t miss anything you had hoped to have in your kitchen, and to see almost every available option in regards to planning and renovating a kitchen. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please ask us here at Handcrafted Wood Furniture & Kitchens for further information about your custom kitchen renovation.


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