When choosing hardware, there are different styles and sizes available to choose from, which come in a broad enough range to cover all of your hardware needs. Essentially any hardware choice will come in a few different sizes, to accommodate cabinetry and doors of any size, to keep the proportions in line. Before choosing a size however, make sure you know which style of hardware, and if you want a blend of two types, or to keep it all uniform in your kitchen. The most common hardware styles available are as follows:

Knobs – Knobs are one of the most common pieces of hardware around. Their usually small size allows them to work in almost any situation where other hardware would look awkward, or not fit properly. Knobs come in varying sizes, widths, and styles, from the traditional rounded top, to small tabs that stick out straight, giving a more modern, streamlined look. In any case, knobs are always a great choice, and can often be ordered in any finish or material imaginable.

Handles – Another very common piece of hardware is the handle style. Handles can be small or large, and they look great on both doors or drawer fronts, providing you have the right sizes to mount handles properly. Handles come in a wide variety of styles and finishes now, from the traditional handle style with a bit of design to them, to the modern tube style now seen in a lot of television shows and catalogues. One thing to consider when getting handles is to try and match your appliances’ handles, often times this is overlooked, but if you wish to have a uniform appearance in your kitchen, then that is certainly something to consider.

Pulls – Providing more of an elegant, or traditional feel, pulls, often known as library pulls, are a heavy piece of hardware that compliments knobs or handles perfectly. Pulls are generally reserved for only drawer fronts or tip outs, and should only be used if your drawer fronts are large enough to properly mount them. Since pulls generally have to be opened from underneath, make sure that you order a size that is large enough to comfortably get your hand inside of, and is not too tight on your fingers.

Specialized / Pattern – This type of hardware has integrate makings on it, and can range from slight details, to very ornate makings throughout the entire piece of hardware. Often times this hardware is expensive due to the extra engravings or designs on it, but is very much worth the extra cost if you wish to have that classic, or antique feel on your kitchen or furniture. Specialized hardware comes in varying sizes, and is often created in the handle or knob styles.

Plates – Hardware with plates on the back can be used for two different purposes. The first use is as a decoration, it accents the hardware by adding extra style, and a bit more detailing work to both the kitchen and hardware. Plates used in this style provide no changes or benefits to the operation of the hardware, just solely used to make things look more aesthetically pleasing. The other use in plated hardware, is for pieces that are attached to a plate, and they move around the plate. These pieces move freely and loose until pulled, and are louder then regular hardware due to the way they move.


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