Hardware comes in a variety of different materials, each with their own unique properties, weights, durability, etc. There are numerous different materials to choose from, but we’ll discuss the most common materials used in the kitchen here.

Metal – If you’re looking for hardware that looks great on the outside with nice smooth finishes, and have no concerns over the weight or make of the material, then metal is the perfect choice for you. Metal hardware is lightweight, created in tons of different styles and colours, and is inexpensive compared to many other materials.

Stainless Steel – Hardware composed of solid stainless steel, or sometimes coated in stainless steel, have a reflective, smooth surface. Stainless steel hardware will always have the darkish silver hues to it regardless of finish, but is worth the increased cost of purchasing metal hardware if you wish to match your appliances, or appliance hardware perfectly.

Brass – Brass hardware has a smooth finish, lightweight build, with a dull or shiny coating on the finish. Any hardware created with this material is often left in the brass finish, as the yellow found on brass is the best looking yellow finish available. Brass material that isn’t solid is hollow in the middle, and due to this is prone to damages such as dings, dents, and scratches.

Solid Brass – Solid brass hardware is the same in every way as regular brass hardware for the finish, but the extra benefits are in the areas you don’t see. Solid brass hardware is fully solid, durable, and heavy, making it very hard to damage. The only downfall to this is the price, as they are much more expensive then the hollow brass hardware for the exact same piece.

Forged (Wrought) Iron – Forged iron hardware is superheated iron, melted into molds then clamped (fastened) together. Due to this process, forged iron can be made in different shapes and sizes, unlike cast iron hardware. The downfall to this is that the hardware will hard joint lines, and overall not be as durable as its cast iron counterparts. Forged iron hardware however is still heavy, quite durable, and have the iron look and feel to it. As an added incentive, this hardware is less expensive then cast iron hardware. Forged iron hardware will be finished with either the dark iron, light section style, or in a brownish red, almost antique, rusty looking finish.

Cast Iron – Hardware made out of cast iron is generally simpler in overall design due to the method of creation, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nice. Cast iron hardware is one solid piece of hardware with no joint lines anywhere, producing an extremely heavy and durable unit. Cast iron is dark, strong, simple (eg. no ornate curves and bends), and comes with a very high price point. Only choose this material if you like the look of cast iron, which has nice fissure lines, and lighter and darker shades through the material.

Bronze – Any hardware in the bronze finish will have a strong, durable build, with often a lower price point then any of the other solid materials available. Bronze hardware is often finished in a darker colour, a light black, or a slight grey. Bronze is available in a wide variety of styles, and if you’re looking for a solid material with a lower price point, this is the way to go.

There are many more materials available to choose from for hardware finishes, but these are the most popular of them all. View the entire hardware material offered by our supplier here, and see if there’s a material on there that catches your eye, that isn’t listed above.


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