Hardware for kitchen cabinetry, furniture, bathroom vanities, and other areas of a house or business, come in a variety of finishes. The different finishes are available to get the perfect colour to compliment, contrast, or accent a particular piece or section of the units you’re considering putting hardware on. Keep in mind that hardware finishes vary depending on which material they are placed on, but most common finishes, as well as a brief description are as follows:

Brushed Nickel – A brushed nickel finish has a dull, almost sheen-less finish on it. The hardware will come out looking a silver colour, without too much reflection. This is the most common type of finish for hardware on newer appliances.

Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze – This finish is a deep brown (almost black), with red mixed into it. The finish is slightly wiped so that some spots are darker then the others. The hardware comes out with a nice two tone style, of deep dark reds, with lighter brownish sections.

Chrome (Greys) – These types of finishes are exactly how they sound, very shiny and reflective. Hardware with this finish can come out in classic chrome (silver), grey chrome (dark grey), or in black (very dark chrome). Regardless of which finish you choose, the hardware will be high gloss, and extremely reflective.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is exactly how it sounds, it comes out looking like a piece of stainless steel. This hardware mimics the effects of stainless steel almost flawlessly, and is generally used in kitchens with stainless steel appliances to perfectly match the finish on the hardware, with the face of the units in the kitchen.

Blacks – Hardwre with this finish is extremely dark in colour, and the finishes can range from dark shading, to full black throughout the whole piece. If you wish to go with something to contrast a bright white kitchen, black hardware could be worth considering.

Bronzes (Browns) – Finishes done in bronze have almost an antique style to them. The bronze can come out looking like a sharp bronze, down to a rough copper colour, almost like that of a penny. Bronze hardware can make any piece look antique and elegant, and is usually reserved for more integrate, or detailed pieces of hardware.

Whites – White hardware is the exact opposite of black hardware, and as such functions in the same way. White hardware can be ordered from a full pure white (snow white, cloud white style), to an off white, leading into a beige finish (eggshell white, buttery white). If your cabinetry is dark, or small, white hardware is sure to make the piece stand out.

Clear – This type of hardware is essentially like glass, just constructed a bit differently, but it is transparent. Clear hardware is used as a way to open the door or drawer of a cabinet, but without blocking the view on the cabinet or furniture piece itself. Clean hardware is great for those extremely detailed pieces, that you wish to show off completely.

Brass (Yellows) – Brass hardware is exactly how it sounds, and can range from an off yellow, to a vibrant, bright yellow, almost like a sunflower. Brass hardware is great for kitchens that have a yellow, natural, or golden finish on them.

Rusts (Reds) – Hardware with a rust finish come out looking antiqued, and aged. The rust finish is great for pieces that you want to have the little extra flair on, as they are usually extremely detailed pieces of hardware. This finish is mainly red, with a hint of brown tossed in, and unique and bold. Make sure this is the hardware you want before you order it, as it is usually expensive as well. Hardware with a rusted finish look great on mid to deep brown cabinetry.

Wooden (Full Wood) – Although a bit dated by today’s standards, this hardware can still be ordered. Fully wooden hardware looks great on furniture pieces like a buffet and hutch, or in kitchens where you wish to have that cottage or country feel.

Full Porcelain – Fully finished porcelain hardware is generally a little overkill to be placed into an entire kitchen, but it can certainly be done. Usually seen in bathroom vanity or laundry units, porcelain is a durable materials that is often finished in only two colours, solid white or pitch black. Most porcelain hardware are done as knobs, and are rarely constructed as handles.

Patterns – Pattern finished hardware comes in a variety of different styles, patterns, and colours. This type of hardware will have different patterns, like flowers, curved engraved line designs, shells, stripes, and many other styles. Often times, this hardware is reserved for specialty pieces designed for a single purpose, or pieces that are being used for a specific thing (eg. Curio cabinet used for displaying figurines, etc.)


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