Wooden Tops

Often overlooked as a viable countertop material, wooden countertops provide an elegant, matching look on kitchens and bathroom vanities. Usually considered as a country or furniture feel, most people steer clear of wooden tops. Wooden countertops can provide a unique look for your kitchen, and deliver that look especially if you’re on a budget.

Wooden tops are a great, cost effective way to get a unique look in your kitchen. Usually a bit more then laminate, but inexpensive when compared to stone, wooden tops are a great middle route for price point, with a much different look then either of the other options. Also, wooden tops can be finished to any colour choice you can choose, allowing you full control over the colour of your top, allowing you to pick the perfect colour to accent your flooring, walls, cabinetry, etc.

Of course, wooden tops have their own downfalls, and the biggest one of them would be durability. Wooden countertops can be damaged easily if you’re rough with them (scratches, gauges, etc.) can easily be accidentally placed into wooden tops, and is often hard to patch the damages up properly afterwards. Also, many people believe that it is too much wood in the kitchen for them to be a good alternative, and more often then not that is a large deterrent into deciding whether or not to get wooden countertops.

In most cases, wooden countertops will not be found as a major role in the kitchen, but will often be used to accent it. Islands, and raised countertop overhangs are generally the most common places to find wooden countertops, as it gives a different tone to the kitchen with different countertop materials, both of which accent each other. Also, wooden countertops are common place on desks, and bar units, giving it that classic, elegant feel. If you have any questions about wooden countertops, feel free to ask us here at Handcrafted Wood Furniture & Kitchens, as we are both the supplier, and installer of wooden tops.


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