One of the most common and widely available countertop material is Laminate (or Arborite). These countertops have a reputation for looking cheap, and for the most part ugly or unattractive. Over the years however, laminate manufacturers have outdone themselves, and have made laminate look amazing, feel great, and function as a high quality countertop. One of the main advantages to getting laminate over stone, is that since laminate is manufactured, they can produce the same patterns over and over again, so that you’ll know the exact colour, pattern, and style you’ll get when you order the top, so there will be no surprises when it is installed on your cabinetry. Next, laminate countertops come in a wide variety of styles, from fleck filled odd colour pieces, to solid colour tops, right to imitation granite, that is done so well the majority of people can’t tell the difference between it, and real stone. Lastly, laminate countertops are at the core still laminate, so their price point is generally much less of that then other materials, meaning you can get a gorgeous looking countertop for usually a fraction of the cost of granite or other solid surface materials.

As of everything however, laminate does have some downsides to it, the biggest one being that of damage. Laminate countertops can be damaged or gauged much easier then solid surface materials (knife marks, jewelry scratches) etc. will show much quicker on laminate then most other surfaces. Also, laminate countertops make it essentially impossible to mount sinks in the undermount style (it can be done, but will always look a little messy), so if you’re going to choose laminate, your sink will be mounted in top mount fashion.

That’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about laminate countertops, if you need more information, please check out our supplier’s page here, or ask the team at Handcrafted Wood Furniture & Kitchens for more information.


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