Size – Microwave come in varying sizes, from small, apartment style microwave, to large units that can cook, and fit entire meals. The size of a microwave dictates how much interior capacity the microwave can have, so it is best to consider how you use your microwave before you purchase one. If you rarely use it, a small capacity microwave (0.8 cubic feet), may be sufficient for your needs, but if you use it almost daily and for a large variety of items, you may consider investing in a larger unit (1.5 cubic feet and above).

Finish – When choosing new appliances, it’s nice to have a set that matches completely in both style and colour. Most appliances will come in three different finishes, which are white, black, or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most common type of appliance to find nowadays, however black and white appliances can still be ordered, but are usually more limited in selection however.

Power – One of the main areas that people focus on in microwaves is its power level (measured in Watts). Microwaves can varying in wattage, usually anywhere from 600 W, up to, and above 1,200 W. The power level is only important depending on how you use your microwave. If it is only for reheating leftovers, then a smaller wattage will suffice just fine for your needs. For people that use their microwave for cooking meals, defrosting foods, and steaming items, a larger wattage will provide faster times and more thorough results, something which would be a good idea to invest in if that is what you microwave is used for more often then not.

Style – As far as style is concerned, there are generally three types of microwaves available to purchase for your kitchen. The first is a countertop style microwave, this microwave is a unit that sits on a countertop or on a shelf in the cabinetry, and is easily accessible to replace if needed. The second style is a built in microwave, these units have sections in the cabinetry or wall that are cut out to perfectly fit the microwave model, allowing countertop space to be freed up, while still being able to use the microwave features. These styles have the downfall of being hard to replace if required, as the dimensions must be the same or smaller, since the cutout size has already been determined. Finally, the newest trend in microwaves, and becoming increasingly popular, is the over the range microwave units. These microwaves have an exhaust fan built below the unit, and are designed to mount above your stove or cooktop. These microwaves are generally very large capacity (1.8 cubic feet and above), high power units (1000 W and above), and provide convenient access, and free up your countertop space as well. The only downfall is the ventilation on the unit through the fan can not be vented out through the wall, and the fan just disperses the hair back around the room, instead of outdoors like a traditional exhaust fan unit.


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