Size – Most dishwashers on the market now are built to a standard size, to make it easy to purchase and install the units in almost any kitchen. The standard dishwasher will fit into a 24″ W X 24″ D opening, with a height of 36″. There are apartment dishwashers available, that come in 18″ W sizes if you’re tight on space, but the majority of dishwashers will be built to accommodate a 24″ W opening in the cabinetry.

Finish – When choosing new appliances, it’s nice to have a set that matches completely in both style and colour. Most appliances will come in three different finishes, which are white, black, or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most common type of appliance to find nowadays, however black and white appliances can still be ordered, but are usually more limited in selection however.

Interior Options – One of the things that steered people away from dishwashers was the issue of not being able to fit all of your dishes properly inside the unit, or the fear that the components inside would become rusty or damaged. New models of dishwashers have made all of those fears irrelevant, as those fears are now a thing of the past. Most newer models have fully adjustable interiors, allowing you to customize your dishwasher for the exact setup of dishes that you require after any normal usage or large gathering. Also, dishwashers now are constructed with different materials, which are scratch, dent, and rust resistant, allowing you to get a larger life span out of your dishwasher.

Operational Volume – Perhaps the biggest concern with buying a dishwasher, many customers felt that by purchasing a dishwasher, it would be too loud to use while people were nearby, and would make gathering in the kitchen almost useless if the unit was running. This is not a problem anymore however, as essentially every newer model runs so quietly now (almost around 50 dB or lower), that even when the machine is on, you can talk at a normal volume and hardly, if at all, hear the unit washing the dishes.


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